Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “All Eyez On Me” resurrects Tupac. “Cars 3” tries to resurrect a franchise. TV/Streaming: Will this be the weekend when I binge on the new season of “Orange Is The New Black“? “The Great British Baking Show” returns to PBS on Friday. Music: What? You’ve never heard of Mado Robin? One of the greatest opera singers ever, with a range to rival Yma Sumac’s. Books: I thought Jimmy Fallon’s new book, “Dada,” was about art. “The Maias,” set in 19th-century Portugal, is the most astonishing 19th-century masterpiece I’d never heard of — until now. Sports: With hockey and basketball over, we now enter the summer athletic doldrums. Finally: Father’s Day in Sunday — I can’t believe my dad has been dead for 24 years.

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