TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

American Gods (pictured): American Gods is closing out its impressive first season as only it can — by starting with a massive, ancient orgy and ending with a pastel Jesus party-turned-declaration of war. And, yes, that’s Christian evangelist Kristin Chenoweth engaging in the blasphemy. Grade: A. Fear the Walking Dead: Despite the title of the episode, The 100 veteran Alycia Debnam-Carey does not factor in to “100” at all. (That would have been a fun Easter egg.) Instead, it’s all about Daniel Salazar: what happened him after the fire at Celia’s estate, where he went, how he came to be at the dam with Dante, and what happens next. Grade: B. Twin Peaks: This was most Twin Peaks-y new episode I’ve seen so far, and it’s also the first to not feature a band at The Roadhouse during the end credits. Grade: A-.

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