Drake Parodies Steph Curry & “Get Out”

During Monday night’s first-ever NBA Awards, host Drake made fun of the perfect-couple image of Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha. Drake cast her as the brainwashing psychologist-villain of Get Out (played in the film by Catherine Keener). In the parody sketch, which was broadcast on TNT, the rapper plays the central role of Steph Curry—assuming the guise of Jordan Peele’s protagonist, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya). He is drawn to the study by his wife, Ayesha (not the real Ayesha, of course), after receiving a FaceTime call from his Golden State Warriors’ teammate Draymond Green (as the film’s TSA agent/pal), begging him to come party with the fellas. Things go considerably south from there.

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