“Cher,” Not Cher, Coming To B’way

Once a day, I check out the Broadway chatrooms, just to see what absurd rumor is having a spin. There’s been a lot of jawing lately about who will replace Bette Midler when she leaves “Hello, Dolly!” There’s always some babbler proclaiming that Cher will replace La Bette, and, if Cher doesn’t, then she’s coming to Broadway in another Jerry Herman show, “Mame.” While seeing Cher in “Mame,” along with having a female President, would allow me to die happy, that Mame ain’t about to live live live on Broadway ever. As my pal Michael Musto says, speaking about the upcoming musical about the dark-haired diva’s life, “Cher can’t even be bothered to play Cher let alone Mame.” That “Cher” musical, by the way, is getting a workshop in NYC in October, preliminary to a Broadway incarnation. It has actors playing Cher at childhood, youth, and older. It’s the “Three Faces of Cher,” I guess.

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