TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Game of Thrones (pictured): Yeah, I watched, or tried to watch. The opening massacre was stunning, but at the half-way point I lost interest and switched over to baseball. Grade: B-. Twin Peaks: The Return: This was an episode of four letter words and hurting fists, most of them hurled by men, many of them tossed by Richard Horne, a demonic wildfire man-child now blazing out of control. Grade: A-. American Gods (pictured): I’d been absent for much of this season, but in the finale Kristen Chenoweth wore an Easter bonnet! Did Miss Kristen, a well-known Christian evangelist, try to convert her handsome costar? Grade: A+. The Strain: The humans have already seemingly lost to the strigoi. The Season 3 finale brought some much-needed momentum, before a predictable ending that concluded with a nuclear bomb explosion. The result is a final season set in an almost post-apocalyptic world, where the show’s scope has expanded beyond solely New York City. It’s an intriguing premise, but the premiere didn’t inspire much confidence. Grade: B.

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