TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Power (pictured): Tommy pops up at Tasha’s place in need of money while she’s on the phone with the dean of the prep school in Connecticut. Tasha makes it clear to Tommy that she’s done: “I can’t clean money for you at the shop anymore. I’m done with things going sideways. I’m done with this life.” Grade: B+. Twin Peaks: The Return: The end of this episode gave us the death of Margaret Lanterman, a.k.a. the Log Lady, a sequence made all the more poignant by knowing that the actress who played her, Catherine E. Coulson, was ill during production and died shortly after finishing her work. Grade: A-. Game of Thrones: Daenerys argued with Tyrion, the King in the North was nearly killed (again), the Stark sisters were at each other’s throats, and one of the three dragons threatening the Queen’s reign perished. Grade: C+.

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