Art Means Business In San Francisco

A new economic prosperity impact report, put together by the non-profit organization Americans for the Arts, reveals that San Francisco’s arts and culture sector annually brings in $1.45 billion and supports over 39,000 full-time jobs. According to the report, the City by the Bay accounts for nearly 1% of the $166.3 billion generated by the sector nationwide, and San Francisco is just one of 341 regions across the country studied by the organization. In the fiscal year of 2014-15, San Francisco’s arts organizations spent around $780.6m while residents spent around $667.7m on cultural events, which in turn produced $1 billion in household income for residents and over $131.1m in revenue for the state and local governments. The findings mark a significant spike from a previous study done five years ago, when there was an estimated $59.3m in economic activity.

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