Is The New Joker Movie A Good Idea?

THR comments: ‘The news that The Hangover‘s Todd Philips is working on an origin project for Batman villain The Joker is, on the one hand, a surprising development. Especially given that said project, which he’s co-writing with an eye to possibly direct, will be part of a new DC Entertainment label unconnected to the Justice League/Suicide Squad cinematic universe that’s continuing to

move forward. On the other hand, though, it’s something that seems almost depressingly inevitable: Of course there’s going to be a Joker movie, because there’s always a Joker movie, no matter the incarnation of DC franchise onscreen. The character has become inescapable, omnipresent when it comes to cinematic versions of DC characters: One of only two villains to have appeared in the Adam West, Michael Keaton (et al) and Christian Bale versions of the Batman character, he even escaped the Bat-mythos altogether for last year’s Suicide Squad.’

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