TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Twin Peaks: The Return (pictured): The sixteenth chapter of Twin Peaks: The Return brought some stories to an end and forced the viewer to rethink everything they had even barely understood about other stories. There was a coma, or maybe two comas, and a dance. Coordinates were wrong, or they were right. To quote Bradley Mitchum: “It was, like, what, electricity?” Grade: A. Game of Thrones: Social media are still buzzing this morning about the season finale, but I fast-forwarded through it. There were tense first-time meetings, meh reunions, alliances that were made, alliances that were broken, a major character who was executed, a forbidden love that was kindled, and the giant ice Wall came a-tumbling down. Everything but the bloodhounds snapping at their rear ends. Grade: B.

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