Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Can’t stay in all weekend: The screenplay for “Tulip Fever” was written by Tom Stoppard, so I guess I have to go. It’s either that one or “Nut Job 2.” TV/Streaming: Movie director Richard Linklater is already considered an “American Master“? Yup. Now that “Game of Thrones” is over (thank God), spend your Sunday couch time with one of the Labor Day weekend marathons. Music: Artie Shaw — you know, the clarinetist who married everybody (Lana Turner, Ava Gardner) — has a CD back on the charts. Books: A new best seller promises “The End of Alzheimer’s“: if only. There’s a new translation of Fernando Pessoa’s morose masterpiece “The Book of Disquiet.” Sports: The European soccer leagues have started up again, and I spend the weekend checking scores. Finally: It’s Labor Day — why does summer always slip by so quickly?

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