Mexican-Born Artist To Build Wall In NYC

At 7am on 7 September, a group of Mexican friends led by the artist Bosco Sodi will start to build a 26-ft long wall in New York City’s Washington Square Park. Once finished the wall will stand for several hours before, at 3pm, passersby will be invited to dismantle it brick by brick and take part of the installation home. Titled “Muro,” it is Sodi’s first public work of art. “It’s my first political performance, but I just felt I had to do it now,” he says. “I didn’t want to leave the wall up too long, because it

would look more like a work of art than a political piece.” Much to his surprise, Sodi says the work was approved without trouble by the New York park authorities. “I even heard someone from the mayor’s office is coming to take a brick. That tells you something about the democratic and diverse nature of New York,” he says.

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