“Twin Peaks: The Return” Wraps Up

The end credits rolled over an image which will now retroactively define the whole season: Laura, in the Red Room, whispering something disturbing into Agent Cooper’s ear. What was she whispering to him? Are we meant to understand that this cycle is repeating? Is the Laura in the Red Room an equivalent being to “Carrie,” or is she our old poor dead Laura, or some other being entirely? Did Cooper actually save the life of Laura Palmer? And if so, then why did this final chapter end with Cooper bringing Laura back to the point of her greatest trauma? Or, given Lynch’s love for Vertigo, perhaps we should read this differently. In the end credits, Sheryl Lee was credited twice, once as Laura and once as Carrie. Was this final act about turning Dale into poor Jimmy Stewart in the back half of Vertigo — turning a living woman into a dead one?

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