Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I enjoy watching Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen, but I doubt whether her star power will be enough to motor “mother!” past “IT” at the box office. On Broadway, Glenn Close played a retired film star in “Sunset Boulevard.” She also plays a retired film star in “The Wilde Wedding.” TV/Streaming: Sunday brings “The Vietnam War” mega-series on PBS. Sunday also offers a new series about house-hunting in Puerto Vallarta on the Telemundo Casa channel. Music: Pink’s new album is called “Beautiful Trauma“: I tried to listen to it, but the arrangements left me sonically traumatized. Books: Dylan Jones’s “David Bowie: A Life” is a fascinating oral biography of an artist whom I once had the good fortune to meet. Sports: I’m starting to revert to watching baseball, even though I don’t think the Yankees will make it very far into the playoffs — not with Cleveland on deck. Finally: “Bitch at the air. Bitch at the trees. But don’t come bitchin’ to me.” The incomparable Jean Hill, in “Desperate Living.”

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