Street-Art Museum Opens In Berlin

For some it is the largest and most democratic art movement the world has ever seen, for others it is unwanted visual pollution. But street art now has a permanent claim on the art world: an entire museum dedicated to the genre. Urban Nation in Berlin is the world’s first major institution built to champion and archive street art and graffiti, which fully emerged in New York in the 1970s with artists who would tag the subway tunnels. Since then it has grown into

a global

movement, with artists making works – mostly illegally – on cityscapes around the world. Its opening show has new works by over 100 of the most famous street artists working today, from Shepard Fairey (the artist behind the Obama Hope poster) to 3D (the frontman of Massive Attack), Ron English and Blek le Rat, the Parisian street artist who is seen as the pioneer of stencil street graffiti.

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