Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “American Made” looks like the same old same old for Tom Cruise. “Mark Felt” stars Liam Neeson as Deep Throat, which is quite a role reversal for him. TV/Streaming: Is “The Vietnam War” over yet — is it safe to come out of the bunker? I keep hearing good things about “Get Shorty” on Epix, but I haven’t watched it yet. Music: The new album by The Killers is called “Wonderful Wonderful“: I’m old enough to hear it pronounced by Lawrence Welk as “Wunnerful Wunnerful.” Books: Just in time for the baseball playoffs, my old pal Rich Cohen publishes “The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse.” Sports: I have a solution to the “taking a knee” debate: remove all overt politics from the public playing of the game, starting with the National Anthem and military parades at halftime. It will never happen but it should.

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