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DiCaprio To Play Teddy Roosevelt

But what aspect of TR’s full life will be dramatized by Scorsese and his writer? Ken … Read more »

New Macklemore Album: Good But Clunky

Pitchfork reports: ‘The new album from Macklemore—his first without collaborator Ryan Lewis since 2006—is a light … Read more »

Jean Nouvel Explains His New Louvre

The Art Newspaper reports: ‘In the entrance, there is the prototype of a leather armchair especially … Read more »

Big Baby News On “Big Bang”

Screw the spoiler alert: Amy (Mayim Bialik) said yes to Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) marriage proposal on … Read more »

New “Norma”: “Compelling,” “Muddled”

Anthony Tommasini reviews a new production of “Norma,” which last night opened the season at the … Read more »

Lenny Conducting “Rite Of Spring”

k.d. lang talks about “constant craving”

She talks about how she and Ben Mink came up with the hit song: “It was … Read more »