Why Jimmy Kimmel Matches The Moment

I stopped laughing months ago at the late-show hosts attempts to make Trump funny, so I find Jimmy Kimmel’s pivot to impassioned sincerity to be refreshing, at least for now. The astute Mark Harris comments: ‘Kimmel’s the guy who got hit in the gut because it was his family, his hometown, his life. And his response — to fill himself with information and to insist that what he is embracing is so steeped in either common sense or human decency that it can’t even be consider a partisan position feels both instinctive and remarkably shrewd. He is not the comedian I would have guessed would have become the avatar for a fed-up reaction to our political era. But these days, Kimmel feels like the real thing — shaky, flummoxed at the way things are going, and increasingly insistent that our elected officials be better people.”

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