“American Vandal”: An Amusing New Show

Kevin Fallon writes: ‘There is a massive twist that has blown the minds of Netflix viewers who have binged its new true-crime docuseries American Vandal over the last few weeks. The realization comes at different points for different viewers: The story isn’t real. No, this eight episode series about a high-school senior wrongly accused of vandalizing 27 cars with graffiti drawings of penises is not based on real events. It is a satire—evidently one that is spectacularly executed—of true-crime series like Making a Murderer and

The Keepers that have become blockbuster phenomena for Netflix in their own rights. The comedy series (once you catch on to the satire, it’s uproarious) so accurately nails the tone and editing style of those series that viewers hit play assuming they’re watching another blunt examination of the justice system.’

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