Once Again, It’s An Ingrid Bergman World!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about Ingrid Bergman. Her three Oscar-winning roles feel very of-the-moment. Her first was for “Gaslight,” and as my friend Kevin Sessums says: ‘Trump is skilled at gaslighting: (1) Spotting the vulnerable. (2) “I am the savior,” mode when the vulnerable are spotted. (3) Chaos in order to control the vulnerable being “saved.” (4) More chaos. (5) Lying then lying to cover up the lying. (6) Gas lighting to make the vulnerable feel as if they are in the wrong and the crazy ones. (7) Belittling – constant belittling. (8) Then turning to attack mode when the vulnerable, no longer vulnerable, realize what is going on (9) Moving on to another vulnerable mark.’ Bergman’s second Oscar was for “Anastasia,” in which she talked about resisting a Russian tyrant. (i.e. Putin). Her third was for “Murder on the Orient Express,” the remake of which is arriving in cinemas today.

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