News On Egon Schiele Project

The catalogue raisonné of Egon Schiele — one of my favorite artists — will move online where it can be regularly updated and augmented with new research in a project sponsored by the non-profit Kallir Research Institute. Jane Kallir, the author of the most recent edition of the artist’s catalogue raisonné, announced the digital platform last week at the Leopold Museum’s annual Schiele symposium. One of the main motivations for moving the catalogue raisonné online, Kallir said, was the hundreds of works by Schiele that have been discovered since the current edition was published in 1990. Other factors she pointed to

include the persistent problem of tracing provenance, the renewed focus on tracking down Nazi loot and restitution, and the recent appearance of Schiele fakes in the art market, where the artist’s prices have soared.

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