TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Shameless: Angry meth dealers, sex with “chubs,” and cocaine pizza. You know what that means — time for another episode of that show starring William H. Macy (pictured)! Grade: B. The Walking Dead: Ezekiel’s worst fear has occurred. He lies on the battlefield, just outside a Sanctuary outpost, with the bodies of his people littered around him. These men and women threw themselves on top of Ezekiel to protect their king from the heavy machine gun fire that took their squadron by surprise. Grade: C+. Last Week Tonight: John Oliver finished his current batch of episodes by breaking down Trump’s techniques of changing the subject from his inanities. My favorite: “What-about-ism,” as in “But what about Hillary and the emails and her husband and the DNC and Benghazi?” Grade: A-.

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