Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Justice League” is for the popcorn crowd…”Roman J. Israel, Esq.” stars the ever-amazing Denzel. TV/Streaming: The acclaimed Dee Rees-directed movie “Mudbound” is available to view on Netflix…Paula Vogel’s touching play “Indecent” airs Friday on PBS. Music: Pink’s “What About Us” still dominates the adult-pop charts, but Ed Sheeran’s perfect “Perfect” keeps hanging on. Books: Alan Bennett’s diaries, “Keeping On Keeping On,” is one of my favorite reads of 2017…Bennett’s frequent collaborator, director Nicholas Hytner, has illuminating stories to tell in “Balancing Acts.” Sports: Well, what do you know? The Knicks don’t suck this year — yet. Finally: Thanksgiving is mostly about the food, which is why I find it wholly superior to Christmas.

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