Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: The year’s best picture arrives in limited release: “Call Me By Your Name.” “Coco” is Pixar’s latest — I recommend it highly for both kids and adults. Television/Streaming: New on Netflix: A seven-part Western from Steven Soderbergh called “Godless.” Sunday brings the 2017 Miss Universe pageant.Music: Bob Seger releases a deluxe edition of “I Knew You When.” Pentatonix Christmas albums are some of the few devoted to the festive-tree season that don’t make me want to fwow up. Books: Tina Brown’s “Diaries” about the 1980s aren’t mean enough; for that period I still prefer the deadpan of Andy Warhol. Have been re-acquainting myself with “The Complete Works of Isaac Babel” — what a life this Russian writer had! Sports: I like football, but over Thanksgiving weekend I extend my genuine sympathies to those who don’t. Finally: A President who supports pedophiles: can America go any lower? Happy holiday!

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