TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Walking Dead (pictured): Another hour of this story has gone by, but it seems we’ve still barely moved from where we left off the week before. Rick finally made it to the next phase of his mission — meeting with Jadis, who’s busy working on her junkyard art project in the nude — but he barely gets a few lines in before he’s locked up as a prisoner. Grade: C+. Shameless: Many wild things have happened at the Gallagher household, but “F— Paying It Forward” manages a first: turning it into a strip club. Instead of siblings and deadbeat dads, Lip finds himself surrounded by naked women. Psych — Lip wakes up erect with Liam at the edge of his bed playing with action figures. “Another stiffy?” asks his brother. TMI, Liam. TMI. Grade: B-.

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