TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Outlander (pictured): After a spate of slow-moving episodes that felt like so much narrative water-treading, tonight’s hour felt positively jam-packed with plot. Indeed, “The Bakra” had everything: goats’ blood, errant sapphires, long-lost frenemies, and powdered wigs. What’s not to like? Grade: A-. The Walking Dead: The loss of the Kingdom army and a good man like Eric means Rick Grimes and his allies have already paid a price for their attempt to extricate their communities from the tyrannical rule of Negan. But when members of Rick’s own team upend his master plan, it sets up a midseason finale that promises deadly consequences and serious fractures in longtime friendships. Grade: B. Shameless: The thief Carl caught at the end

of last week’s episode wasn’t handed over to the police or let go with a stern warning. Instead, Carl has him locked up and detoxing in the basement for his “crime against America.” The criminal is chained up, and he’s still not the person being most harmed in the Gallagher house. That distinction goes to Lip, who’s having more rough sex with Eddie. Grade: C.

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