“Will And Grace” Revival: I Was Wrong

When “Will and Grace” announced its return, I groaned: why can’t Hollywood come up with originality instead of the recycled? After the first episode, which had some predictable Trump jokes, I was ready to write off the reboot. But the next five episodes got progressively funnier and I realized that I was wrong: we need this show. We need it to remind us that skilled physical comedians — and writers who can write for them: so few! — have almost vanished. Last night’s Carol Burnett anniversary special — let’s face it: pretty warmed-over — reminded us of how much people like Carol and Harvey and Tim can make us laugh aloud with their pratfalls. I’m not putting Debra and Eric and Megan and Sean in the pantheon of TV’s clowns. But I salute their gifts and it’s a pleasure to have them back. Treasure them. And be sure to watch their Christmas episode tomorrow night.

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