How Is Your Holiday Week Going?

If it’s going poorly — didn’t get the presents you wanted, kids are sick, you’re stuck in an airport trying to change planes — just remind yourself: You could be in Erie, where they’ve been buried under an avalanche of snow. If your week is going well — I am in this camp — then be grateful! I’ve seen a few movies (“Disaster Artist“: amusing but one-note; “Phantom Thread”: lush and beautiful, but bogged down in the glacially slow domestic scenes between Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps; and “All the Money in the World”: better than I expected, but I still have my Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams’ aversions). I haven’t turned on the television at all, except to watch a few soccer matches and a bit of basketball. I’ve been reading a great deal: classic novels, mostly. So the week is going well — so far, but so far is all we have, isn’t it?

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