Pasta As High Style

Gretchen Röehrs’ designs feel as fresh any produce that’s currently in your refrigerator’s crisper. In part, that’s because they really are. Röehrs creates delightful fashion illustrations that incorporate food (think: a voluminous ballgown made up of two pristine kale leaves, or a fish-scaled minidress constructed out of sliced pink radishes). And this month, her first book will be published—just in time for fashion week.

But Röehrs’ work is hardly the only example of food and fashion’s somewhat recent love affair. Increasingly it seems, designers are looking towards the culinary arts for inspiration. Take the Spring 2017 collections, for example, which were a virtual riot of mouth watering fruit. Or, think back to the Spring 2016 Couture presentations, which featured repeated references to fine china and root vegetables.

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