Why Brown Eggs Are Expensive

If you ever find yourself in a confused stupor at your grocery store egg case, first of all, snap out of it. But you’re not alone, because there are a million confusing labels on egg cartons these days, and many of them mean nothing.

Despite that, there’s one constant: brown eggs are almost always more expensive than white eggs. Surely, this means they’re organic, more nutritious, superiorly delicious and blessed by golden angels, right?

Not necessarily. Everything you thought you knew about white eggs and brown eggs is about to get scrambled.

We talked to egg experts who addressed a number of canards about brown and white eggs, including the theory that eggshell color is based on the color of a chicken’s feathers (turns out that’s not entirely true), the nutritional difference between brown and white eggs, and how a chicken’s earlobes can determine the price of your eggs. Seriously.

There’s a lot more to the incredible egg than you may have realized. Let’s get cracking, and address some of the folk wisdom.

Explanations here.

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