TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Billions (pictured): The opening scene of the season-three premiere was enough to quell any doubts about a slump for this show. Chuck, riding high on his takedown of Axe Capital and his run for governor, walks into a meeting with the Attorney General in Washington, DC. Fireworks ensue. Grade: B+. The Walking Dead: The most action-oriented episode we’ve seen in some time. The latest assault on the Hilltop colony provided both a victory and house of horrors for Maggie, the Saviors escaped from their pen, and Negan was M.I.A. Grade: A-. Homeland: This may have been the most ludicrous the program has ever been, and that’s saying something for a show that had a man survive a heavy dose of sarin gas, a brain hemorrhage, and a drowning. Grade: C.

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