Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: A good weekend at the cinema: “You Were Never Really Here,” starring Joaquin Phoenix and my old pal Alessandro Nivola, is terrific. And even if you don’t like horror movies you should see “A Quiet Place” — it’s 90 minutes long, clever, and scary. Alas, Ted Kennedy’s unfinest hour is rehashed in “Chappaquiddick.” TV/Streaming: The Australian series “The Code” is worth your attention on Netflix. On Sunday, “Unforgotten” premieres on PBS. Music: If you didn’t catch “Jesus Christ Superstar” on NBC last weekend you can buy the CD here. Books: Among all the junk on the best-seller lists is the very fine novel “An American Marriage,” by Tayari Jones. Sports: It’s hard to get into my Yankees when their games keep getting rained out. Finally: Trump is a virus that won’t go away — and will take years to get out of our systems when he’s gone.

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