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Marilyn Maye Does Disco

Stars To Join Chalamet In “The King”

Shakespeare’s “Henry IV” (both parts) is my favorite play, so how can I not rejoice that … Read more »

Emperor Constantine’s Finger Found!

OMG! Stop the presses! A bronze index finger in the Louvre, which was initially believed to … Read more »

Chvrches Think “Love Is Dead”

Laura Snapes writes: ‘With help from some outside producers, Chvrches’ try to launch themselves into the … Read more »

Cyd Charisse & Kirk Douglas Lose Their Minds

“Roseanne” Has Been Cancelled But…

Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman have still said nothing in response to their boss’s racist tweets. … Read more »

Veggie Burgers!

In the dawn of the commercial veggie burger era, it seemed our only options were frozen … Read more »