Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: When “Bad Samaritan” is the week’s big release, you know it’s time to see “Black Panther” or “Avengers” for a second (or third) time. TV/Streaming: John Mulaney in “Kid Gorgeous” (Netflix) is gorgeous! “Unforgotten” (Sundays on PBS) is very involving, though I do prefer my Brit-detective shows a bit cozier. Music: Aretha during her Columbia years was stupendous, even if the American Songbook standards she recorded didn’t sell. I’m starting to wish Ariana Grande would go away. Books: John Ehle was a tremendous American writer, and his recent death sent me back to my favorite of his novels, “The Land Breakers.” Sports: I am thrilled thrilled thrilled that Liverpool and Real Madrid are in the finals of the Champions League. Finally: Why are the people who complain all winter about the cold the same people who complain in May at the first sign of heat? Move to California!

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