Henry Taylor’s “Finger-Lickin'” Paintings

The Art Newspaper tells us: ‘The Los Angeles-based artist Henry Taylor is having something of a renaissance. Sixty-year old Taylor was thrust into the limelight last year when his painting of Jay-Z appeared on the cover of New York Times’s style magazine T. His star continues to rise with an appearance in the show Debout! at Le Couvent des Jacobins in Brittany (until 9 September), which comprises works from the collection of the luxury goods magnate François Pinault. Taylor’s work, “No chicken please, “we’re born Again Vegan.” (2011-13), shows the founder of KFC offering his wares. Taylor doesn’t hold back, telling GQ: “Artists sometimes, we have to be the ones to speak out and we talk about what we know. Let’s be real. There’s a re-enslavement of black people

on and off the court. Every successful black person has 18 members of his family living in the projects and we all know someone who’s in the system.” He joins other black artists such as Kerry James Marshall and Sam Gilliam who are being reappraised both commercially and critically.’

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