You Should Be Watching “Pose”

Last night’s episode — the sixth of the season — was the most touching yet. Patty (Kate Meara) sat down in a diner to meet Angel (Indya Moore, pictured), the transsexual lover of Patty’s husband, Stan. It wasn’t a stereotypical confrontation: the series has a tendency to ratchet up the drama but the dialogue takes surprising turns. Next, Pray Tell (the marvelous Billy Porter) had to deal with the fact of his boyfriend’s dying in an AIDS ward. Pray Tell organized a cabaret, giving Porter and MJ’s Blanca to duet on “Home” from “The Wiz.” At the balls, Pray Tell kept playing the old-school classic “Love is the Message. Why? Because the song came out in 1980, when “we were free to love, free to fuck, free to be our gay ass selves in this shithole of a town,” he says. “They’ll never kill that feeling, that you can love without dying.” Oh, and Sandra Bernhard played a mouthy nurse named Judy.

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