Nine Weird Iggy Pop Collaborations

Pitchfork tells us: ‘Maybe it’s because he finally gave up smoking pot, but Iggy Pop has definitively entered his elder-statesman phase, even if he does maintain his lifelong aversion to shirts. In interviews, the 71-year-old Stooges frontman, an icon of the louche life since the late 1960s, today touts the pleasures of sobriety and qigong. But the great thing about Iggy as wizened sage is that his nuggets of wisdom are often just as unpredictable, irrepressible, or straight-up wacky as they’ve always been. Take “Bells & Circles,” a new collaboration with UK rave veterans Underworld. (A full EP from the two outfits—sort of a four-track clash of the titans—drops July 23.)’

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