Popular Delacroix Show Coming To Met

A record half a million people went to the Louvre’s Eugène Delacroix blockbuster, which is headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the fall. The survey brings together 180 works that span the French painter’s career. With nearly 540,000 visitors, it is the busiest show in the history of the Paris museum. The Louvre received a public relations boost this summer thanks to the video “Apesh**t” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z that was set within the historic institution, although Delacroix’s works did not make the cut in the couple’s video. The show, which opened at the end of March and closed on July 23, saw visitor numbers peaking to around 7,200 a day in the past month. Delacroix is one of France’s greatest 19th-century painters, best known for his 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People , but there has not been a full-scale survey of his work in the past fifty years. Liberty will not be traveling to the Met in September.

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