National Comedy Center: Who Knew?

Jerry’s puffy shirt from Seinfeld. Garth’s Aeromsith T-shirt from Wayne’s World. Lucille Ball’s polka-dot dress from I Love Lucy. Tracy Jordan’s EGOT necklace from 30 Rock. Iconic comedy artifacts are no laughing matter — or actually, they are, and the National Comedy Center is the place where you can find them. The 37,000 square foot, $50 million non-profit immersive museum unspools the history of comedy from vaudeville times to the current day with 50-plus interactive exhibits and a treasure trove of highly amusing artifacts. Take a private tour of some of the famous pop-culture props and costumes, past and present, that are housed in the National Comedy Center, which opened this week. Located in Jamestown, New York — the hometown of Lucille Ball — the center fulfills the dream of the late legend of laughter to preserve and celebrate the best of comedy.

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