Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: There’s still time to enjoy the thrill ride that is “Mission: Impossible.” And there’s “Christopher Robin” for the kids. TV/Streaming: On Saturday, Starz shows the sensual, radiant “Call Me By Your Name.” My favorite summer PBS series, “Endeavour,” has concluded, so Sunday nights are given over to “Sherlock” repeats. Music: For God’s sake why do I find myself listening to Mumford & Sons? Flatt & Scruggs will be next. Books: Legendary record producer Seymour Stein has a new memoir, and apparently it’s a rollickingly good read. Sports: I try to be ecumenical and like both the Yankees and Mets equally, but this season the Mets are making that goal mighty hard. Finally: You know we’ve entered August when the only thing at the florist is sunflowers.

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