How To Spice Up Watermelon

From the Huff Post: ‘Friday marks National Watermelon Day, and in observance of this hallowed commemoration, I can’t help but reflect on how watermelon once made me feel like an outcast.

I was 5 years old, and living in the St. Louis suburbs. I was playing in a neighbor kid’s backyard, back when children ran barefoot in the woods and had muddy faces. My playmate’s mom came outside with a plate full of watermelon slices. I asked for some salt.

“Salt?!” a chorus of kindergartners asked accusingly, their sweaty little heads all whipping in unison to stare at me incredulously. At that tender age, I suddenly knew what it felt like to be The Other.

Salt sprinkled on watermelon. It’s a habit I learned from my dad, who in retrospect had some odd food preferences, like eating popcorn and milk (together, in a bowl, like cereal) and insisting my mother make fried chicken without the skin on (it sucked). Of his quirky food likings, salted watermelon is the one that’s stayed with me.’

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