Cat Power Duets With Lana Del Rey

Pitchfork says: ‘To hear Chan Marshall and Lana Del Rey sing together is to realize just how deeply the latter has drawn from the former. Throughout her career, Del Rey has channeled Cat Power’s vocal soulfulness; her willingness to hop between rock, electronic, pop, and more, and her playful disregard for how she’s expected, as a woman and a singer, to behave. Both Marshall and Del Rey are fiercely emotive songwriters who use similar

vocal strategies, so it seems like kismet for them to work together. On “Woman,” the second track to be released from Cat Power’s forthcoming album, Wanderer, Del Rey sings backup, a role she inhabits with more flourish and confidence than most artists do singing lead. She never seems more comfortable than when she’s supporting an artist whose style she complements effortlessly, and “Woman” positions these two singers as a natural pair.’

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