Will Brazilian Star Anitta Cross Over?

Rolling Stone informs us: ‘On the Latin airwaves, Brazilian pop singer Anitta is hard to miss. Her intoxicating mix of funk carioca, reggaeton, and fizzy dance-pop has made her a household name throughout parts of Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries. But as she begins to amplify her eclectic sound in the English-language realm, Anitta knows she has her work cut out for her. “It’s rare that [a Brazilian] goes international in pop,” she tells Rolling Stone over the phone, just hours before she headlines the Ginásio

do Moringão, a stadium in the South Region of Brazil. “I have been working in the Brazilian market for seven years, but I just started working the international market one year ago. Things will not go faster, easier, or get bigger quickly than they have in my country — it’s a matter of putting in the work.”’

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