Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’ll leave “The Predator” to you — not for me. I enjoyed Ann Patchett’s novel “Bel Canto” so I suspect I’ll like the movie version, too. TV/Streaming: “Forever, Season” debuts on Amazon Prime as does the movie “On Chesil Beach.” Friday brings us a “Basquiat” documentary on PBS. Music: I have less-than-zero interest in Cher’s “Dancing Queen” — an album of ABBA covers — but I’m sure plenty of other people will disagree. Books: “In Pieces,” the new memoir by Sally Field, looks intriguing. Am re-reading Iris Murdoch’s novel “The Flight from the Enchanter” — wow. Sports: I’m not a Jets fan but their debut this past week was very impressive. Finally: Thinking of the hurricane folks.

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