Best Breakfast Taco Ever!

Avocado toast is an amazing breakfast dish. It’s strange to start a story about breakfast tacos with that sentence, though it’s true: The toast is filling, delicious, creamy and easy to make. But after gorging myself on breakfast tacos at Texas favorite Torchy’s Tacos (now with locations in Colorado and Oklahoma) more than a few times, I’ve come to appreciate how essential a truly satisfying breakfast taco can be.

But with so many different versions of breakfast tacos to choose from — Torchy’s features versions made with everything from scrambled eggs to potatoes to smoked beef brisket — which is the one you need to make? We spoke to Mike Rypka, taco titan and founder/chef of Torchy’s, to discuss how you can eat the perfect breakfast taco without leaving your home ― once you have the groceries to make these, obviously.


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