Off-The-Menu Starbucks Drinks

Imagine going to McDonald’s and not seeing a Big Mac on the menu. That’d be weird, right? Not for Starbucks, which regularly leaves signature drinks like the Coffee Frappuccino off its menu.

That’s because the Starbucks menu changes frequently, mostly to highlight new drinks and to get customers hyped about seasonal drinks like the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Here’s the problem: With every menu change, plenty of options for delicious liquid refreshment are taken out of sight … and out of mind. And Starbucks not only usually still has the ingredients to make those drinks, but the baristas there are happy to prepare them.

We surveyed Starbucks employees from all over the country about their favorite drinks not currently on the menu that you can still order. [Editor’s note: We changed the baristas’ names because they weren’t authorized to speak on behalf of Starbucks.] These are the delicious Starbucks drinks you’re not ordering, but can.


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