NYC’s Best Cooking/Baking Classes

New York City is known for having some of the best, most diverse food in the world. Wander down a street and you’ll stumble upon traditional soul-soothing pho; one street over, you might just find the best Italian-owned pizza joint in town. But for those nights spent in—or when the eating-out budget is feeling a tad tight!—cooking meals at home is a crucial skill to have in the week’s rotation, and it happens to be a skill that many New Yorkers, this writer included, lack.

But fear not—if the desire to learn is there, the city has a large variety of top-notch cooking and baking classes, no matter your initial expertise. Whether you want to perfect the classic New York slice of pizza, or find fresh takes on vegan dishes, the city’s offerings are wide.

Here, 11 of New York City’s best culinary classes.

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