Edward Gorey Is Being Rediscovered

Steven Kurutz writes: ‘These days, the artist, who died in 2000 at age 75, is often called the Granddaddy of Goth, celebrated as much for his eccentric persona as his meticulously crosshatched pen-and-ink drawings.Whether through his sets for the 1977 Broadway revival of “Dracula” or his animated introduction to the PBS series “Mystery!” or his more than 100 slim and strange books, sometimes called children’s literature but more often unclassifiable, Mr. Gorey created a genre all his own. Goreyland favors Victorian and Edwardian settings and costumes, is darkly comic to the point of absurdism and is hard to categorize except with hyphenated terms like camp-macabre, ironic-gothic or dark-whimsy.’

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