My Biggest Part: Fake Genitalia In Movies

It must be a cold, grey Monday outside for me to fall for such obvious click bait. The Guardian reports: ‘To prepare for her role as Dr Klemperer in the new remake of Suspiria, Tilda Swinton ventured into the world of prosthetic male genitalia. While her commitment to the part might sound excessive, we’re seeing this kind of thing happen more in movies. You could draw an inappropriately shaped line from Mark Wahlberg’s lovingly crafted accessory in Boogie Nights (scaled down from Dirk Diggler’s real-life inspiration, John “13 ½ inches” Holmes) to the abominably proportioned monster on display in The Greasy Strangler, stopping in between at movies such as The Overnight, in which Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott compare sizes.’

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