Why Pronounce Bologna “Baloney”?

Caroline Bologna writes: ‘The world of sandwiches is full of debates and mysteries ― like, is a hot dog a sandwich? What about a wrap? Is peanut butter and mayo disgusting or delicious? Are cold cuts going to kill us? And why is that classic lunchmeat spelled “bologna” but pronounced like “baloney”?

That last question is admittedly personal for me. Growing up with the last name Bologna (pronounced “bo-LO-nya”) subjected me to a fair bit of playground teasing (chants of “Caroline Baloney!” and “Phony Baloney!”). To this day, I still hear silly remarks from waiters, store clerks, bouncers and even TSA agents who giggle at the sight of my name on my driver’s license or credit card. And as a reporter, I occasionally get comments from dissatisfied readers along the lines of “The writer’s name is fitting. This is a bunch of baloney.”’

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