Why Starbucks Menus Are Shorter

When it comes to coffee shop menus, less has become more. Those long lists of drinks, bean varieties, teas, non-caffeinated beverages, sizes and prices are shrinking, and Starbucks is leading the way.

The coffee chain known for offering everything that you could possibly want inside of a cup has Marie Kondo’d its store menus. Upon entering any given Starbucks, you’ll look above the barista to find a trimmed list of select drinks priced out at the Grande (medium) size and a corresponding calorie count. You might also find a few photos of seasonal beverages or an illustrative breakdown of a new offering.

According to a spokesperson for Starbucks, the move to focus only on core and select seasonal beverages was rolled out this past spring in an effort to “simplify the ordering experience for our customers.” However, it wasn’t a complete spring clean. The chain still offers its usual size range (Tall, Grande, Venti) and every drink that used to be featured — but you’ll only see the prices and offerings in the Starbucks app, which now accounts for 14 percent of store transactions.

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